What Our Customers Say About Shoelugg

Kenya Gibbs
Orlando, Florida

Shoelugg is a remarkable piece of luggage I'm able to carry my favorite shoes along with some accessories and a few outfits for a weekend getaway. It's a fashionable tote. I love the quality, style and get so many compliments.

Purchased the Kennedy ll.

Jessica Gordon
Brooklyn, New York

Hi! My name is Jessica and I am an owner of a SHOELUGG bag. I truly LOVE my bag and get compliments on it every time I ROCK it. The bag not only holds shoes but can accommodate toiletries and clothing. The bag is very well made sturdy and great QUALITY. Usable for Weekend travel. Trust me you won't be disappointed with your SHOELUGG BAG! I recommend you go to shoelugg.com and purchase your bag TODAY.

Tammi Jones
Orlando, Florida

OMG, I absolutely LOVE my Shoelugg!! It's SO sassy So well made! I took it with me on an overnight flight and it was perfect! It fit right up in the overhead so I didn't even have to check my bag! I literally was able to fit my makeup bag, toiletry bag a pair of boots, sneakers, a Dress, AND an outfit to work out in! LOL I don't think I'll ever travel without it again... Thanks Shoelugg

Andrea Merkison
Harlem, New York

Hey, I just wanted to share my Shoelugg experience trust me it can be used for more than shoes. I was actually able to put three pairs of stretch pants in one of the pockets and the shirts to match in another along with two pairs of footwear. It’s so convenient as well as stylish, that now I take it with me all the time as a weekend travel bag. I can’t wait to get another one in a different color. Five stars to Shoelugg it’s the best.

Frances Valladares
Kissimmee, Florida

Hello, I’ve just received my Shoelugg bag....I’ve purchased the Mission Il....yasssss too cute....I’m planning on going on a girls getaway soon....so I had to get this bag....I’m soooo happy I did......SHOELUGG rocks!!!!!

Mona Williams
Bronx, New York

I absolutely love my Shoelugg bag. It’s a beautiful eye-catching unique bag. For starters, you can carry 4 pairs of shoes in it. It has 4 red pockets inside to store your shoes. Not to mention it also has an outside pocket to carry personal belongings such as Itinerary your phone ID keys etc. The bag zips down so you can lay it flat it also has a drawstring. Point blank period my Shoelugg bag is DOPE!!!! I even carry this bag when I’m not traveling I carry for the style. The bag is everything!!! I would recommend you get one if you're considering buying a good carry-on bag and you don’t like to part with your most vulnerable belongings.

Alma “Jae”
Burlington, North Carolina

The Shoelugg tote was one of the most incredible items I have ever purchased. My worries of how I would pack my shoes for my daughter's 40th in Jamaica, along with jeweled sandals, all in one suitcase was a thing of the past. Not only was I able to avoid extra baggage cost by this fashionable carry-on, I managed to utilize my large beautiful fusha tote due to its multifaceted purpose. I was able to use its individual high-tech silk pockets for 1 pair of boots, 3 pairs of sandals, jogging sneakers, and yes...all of my toiletries and hair products. I highly recommend this tote as the go-to for any occasion, whether travel or day-to-day social activities. You will not be disappointed. The fact that it is highly affordable, in comparison to other expensive high-end products, makes it even more fantastic. I'm a fan for life and can't wait until the Creator, CEO, Chery Moore to launch her next collection!

Jaimonese Clark

FIVE STAR Rating - I absolutely love my Shoelugg tote bag and will never travel without it again! This bag is a gamechanger and was designed by a Fashion Trendsetter. This is not your average oversized Multi-Purpose Tote Bag -- this collection is for the sassy, sophisticated woman who packs with a purpose! ShoeLugg holds and protects all of my precious shoes, jewels, toiletries, and a host of garments. Whether I arrive at an airport or a social gathering this bag is sure to Turn Heads!

I purchased the Pink and Green Snakeskin Tote Bag to represent my sorority's colors. To all my, classy and fabulous ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated this bag is elegant enough for sorority functions, and fashionable for any occasion. To all women with style and grace... purchase one today. You will not be disappointed!

Marie P
Bronx, New York

When I was first introduced to Shoelugg...I said ok 4 a childhood friend... I will represent but a shoe bag?... Well family I call it my all-purpose bag..for the weekend getaway or make it to a cute shopping bag...so many ways 2 rock it!! and for a person like myself that is HARD on bags shoes...etc...This made well and handcrafted sturdy...I can rant about this all day but I suggest u try one for yourself...my name is Marie and I approve of this message.

Thomasina Griffin
Brooklyn, New York

I LOVE my SHOELUGG BAG. This new collection THE LEOPARD print is a perfect size for me and so buttery soft to the touch. It can hold several shoes but since I’m not traveling much I use my bag as my everyday tote. IT’S NOT JUST FOR SHOES. The separate sections hold my wallet, eyeglasses, my IPad, iPhone my charger and so much more! A SHOELUGG bag would make a great gift no matter how you carry it. I guarantee you’ll love it too! Gentlemen treat your lady! Support Black-Owned Businesses.

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